How leading architects can maintain
their design competitiveness
with Supawood’s Innovation Matrix

Keeping innovative in a busy and competitive environment can be difficult for architects.

But innovation doesn’t have to be a tough, arduous and frustrating process.

We recently hosted 50 of Sydney’s top architects and designers at a thought-provoking workshop introducing our methodology for producing exciting, innovative and practical new ideas as regularly as clockwork.

This method, based on Roger La Salle’s Matrix Thinking, is straightforward, systematic and relevant to products, processes and services in any industry. By using this approach to business innovation, we have successfully developed new cutting-edge architectural lining systems and services for our clients.

Why Matrix Thinking?

It’s simple, rapid and effective.

It can easily be applied to products and designs.

It’s a proven technique used in 26 countries and endorsed by large corporations including QANTAS, NAB, AMP, Telstra and Australian Post.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How innovation is different from invention — and usually much more profitable!
  • Why there isn’t a single product, process or service that you cannot innovate.
  • How tiny innovations have driven the success for some of the world’s largest companies.
  • The four fundamental seeds that underpin product or service innovation.
  • The 12 catalysts that you can use fuel your idea development.
  • Why market risk is much greater than technical risk.
  • How to evaluate the potential — and risk — of any new idea or service in just seconds.

Make your organisation
even more innovative

We’re now sharing the concept with a series of innovation showcases
and innovation-focused CPD training events.

Innovation in Architecture Showcase

We’ll drop by for 20 minutes and showcase six brand-new Supawood products that your peers have selected as the most innovative.

This meeting is designed to be immensely practical — highlighting the vast potential our lining systems can offer you when creating unique designs for your clients.

And if there’s an opportunity to use Supawood products to create unique designs for a current or upcoming project, we would love to discuss your requirements.


This one-hour, in-house formal CPD presentation and workshop will introduce you to Roger La Salle's Matrix Thinking.

Discover innovation principles and how you and your team can be more innovative every day.

You’ll also explore practical ways Supawood products can help you leverage these innovation principles to deliver exciting design concepts that fulfil client objectives.

All attendees receive a certificate certifying the completion of one professional development credit. We provide catering for groups of five or more people.

Make your organisation
even more innovative

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